Unmasking Loan in Time

High-Interest Loan Shark Group on the Verge of Absconding with Funds, Public Must Be Warned!

Dear Public,

We feel a deep responsibility to expose a recent scam that has emerged in the financial sector. LoaninTime, a company claiming to provide legitimate and compliant loan services, is in fact a high-interest loan shark group that is currently suspected of transferring funds and preparing to abscond.

Contrary to the previous statements we made, LoaninTime has not strictly followed any ethical or statutory principles of lending and recovery. Instead, they have used coercive and high-pressure tactics for loan recovery, completely disregarding the borrowers’ financial situations and repayment capabilities.

Furthermore, LoaninTime previously claimed that they did not misuse customer data. However, it has come to light that they not only accessed customers’ contacts and other phone data, but also exploited this information to conduct unethical lending practices.

We strongly warn the public not to trust LoaninTime or engage in any financial transactions with them. We encourage those who have had financial dealings with LoaninTime to contact statutory agencies as soon as possible to ensure their rights are protected.

We have submitted reports on LoaninTime’s actions to the relevant authorities and will actively cooperate with investigations to seek justice for its victims.

Let’s raise our awareness and protect ourselves from financial frauds.

Refrain from engaging in any financial transactions with LoaninTime to avoid being scammed!

Contact Information:
For reporting or querying related information, please contact: info@loanintime.com 

This announcement is based on our investigations and victim reports, and we take responsibility for the authenticity of this information. We aim to provide a safe and transparent financial environment for the public.

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